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Dentist in the Netherlands

Considering dental practice in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is an attractive location for foreign dentists. The country has numerous well-equipped practices, customers are well-insured, and both care quality and potential earnings are good, so all the preconditions for success are present.
However, moving to another country can be quite an undertaking. Dental Care Professionals can help you in the process. Our services are free for candidates. 

Dental Care Professionals gets you off to a good start!

Dental Care Professionals is a reputable specialist in the area of staffing and organization in dental practice. To make the move to living and working in the Netherlands as straightforward as possible, we look after your transfer from start to finish. Our services to dentists from other countries comprise the following:

1. Preparation 
2. Education 
3. Working and living 
4. Ongoig support

1. Preparation

If you consider working in the Netherlands you can sign up on our website, or send an e-mail with your cv to info@dcprofs.nl. We will then contact you by skype to talk about the factors affecting your chances of success in registering as a dentist in the Netherlands and whether you are willing and able to learn Dutch. We will also discuss your work experience, wishes and plans in more detail.

BIG registration
Working as a dental professional in the Netherlands requires registration. This involves passing the Dutch language test for medical professionals, completing an application form and demonstrating your possession of the required diplomas and / or certificates of professional competence. We can advise you on this process. For more information go to www.bigregister.nl/en.  

2. Education

For registration as a dentist in the Dutch BIG-register you need to speak Dutch at an adequate level, which is at least B2 level in CEFR. After all, clear and enjoyable communications between dentist and patient, as well as between dentist and assistant, are essential. So if you consider to proceed your career in the Netherlands, you should start with learning Dutch. 

Arrange your own language course with our assistance
We advise you to find a native Dutch language teacher, for face-to-face lessons or lessons on skype. We can help you to organise this, with teachers and language schools in our network.
A good and very flexible alternative is an online course from level 0 up to B2/C1 level. This online course is supervised by very professional language teachers. You invest 8 to 10 hours per week.  

3. Working and living

Finding the right dental practice

Many foreign dentists emigrate to the Netherlands because of its excellent working conditions and its opportunities for professional development. As the market leader in dental recruitment and selection, Dental Care Professionals can quickly put you in touch with good practices. We will keep you up to date on dentist vacancies as early as the preparatory period, when you are still in your country of origin. We will send your cv to those practices in which you have an interest. If the interest is mutual, we will plan an introductory meeting. This can also be attended by one of our own members of staff, if you so desire. We do require you to speak Dutch at least at B1 level before we can arrange a job interview for you.

Practical matters

No doubt you will want to be able to operate independently in Dutch dentistry and society as quickly as possible. You are therefore welcome to call on our staff for help or advice on any of the practical issues you may encounter during your first year in the Netherlands. Whether you need to find suitable accommodation or a school for your children – we care, and we are always happy to extend professional, personal help and advice.

4. Ongoing support

Financial guidance – Moving to the Netherlands will cost money. There may also be a short period in which you have no income: while you are learning the language, arranging formalities, and actually moving. If you decide to set up a limited company, this also involves certain costs. Dental Care Professionals can help you to obtain a current account with overdraft facilities with a reputable Dutch bank in order to tide you over this period.

Setting up a limited liability company – In the Netherlands, many dentists work independently within a colleague’s practice; they do not enter into an employment contract, but into an ‘engagement agreement’. The legal entity often chosen for this purpose is a private limited liability company (in Dutch, a Besloten Vennootschap or BV), as this offers fiscal, legal, commercial and financial advantages. Setting up a BV involves a notary, an accountant, the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Justice, the tax department, a bank, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Our advisors can inform you of all the relevant details, from initial costs to break-even periods. We unravel the tangle of regulations and procedures, and we make sure that the right documents reach the right people at the right time.

30% Tax ruling - We can help you and your employer to apply for the 30% tax ruling for foreign professionals.

Starting your own practice – If you would rather start your own practice, then here, too, Dental Care Professionals can bring all parties together. Our advisors have the latest details on practices being offered for takeover. However we advise you to work for an employer for at least two years before buying your own dental practice.



Are you considering or determined to proceed your dentist career in the Netherlands? Please contact us and we will get in touch with you.

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Workshop Gespreksvaardigheden

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